2007 / 08 amendments

As was reported in the last news item, the Junior Blues price will remain unaltered for yet another season. However, with regard to cutting out a lot of administration work there will also be the following changes.

1. Deadline for joining brought forward to Oct. 31 and upper age limit reduced to 15.

2. Voucher for the Superstore dispensed with.

3. Birthday cards will no longer be signed by the entire squad. Instead they will be signed by the member's favourite player.

4. Directors box tickets dispensed with.

5. Free tickets for Setanta Cup and other such high profile games dispensed with.

6. Your season ticket / Club Card number will eventually be needed, to cross reference your application with the club's existing data base. All Junior Blues are encouraged to obtain a season ticket by completing one of the new application forms as soon as possible. Your new Junior Blues membership card will be similar in design to the new season ticket / Club Card.

7. A new category of 10 Associate membership for those young supporters who for whatever reason DO NOT want to be mascot.

8. Limit of two mascots per game.

Junior Blues funds are lower than usual for several reasons which will be well known to our regular and loyal fan base.

Further explanation of any of these measures will be given at a meeting in the newly named Umbro lounge at 2.15pm on Saturday before The TNS game.

Ths meeting is for anyone to attend, especially those who want to fill in a form to join the Junior Blues.

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