Litter and pool table concerns

Clean Sweep lounge volunteers met briefly before Tuesday's 5-1 victory against Crusders and decided upon the following.

1. Litter -- new bins are in place and all persons are to be encouraged to use the bins. The amount of litter has shown a lack of respect and consideration for a facility which Linfield FC, Windsor Roar, Junior Blues and several commercial sponsors and individuals have invested heavily in. Persons leaving litter are to be encouraged to leave the place in the same clean state they found the lounge in.

2. Pool table -- the present system of 50ps on the table is not working. In future, Mrs Eleonar Moore will have a booking sheet and record names and collect / refund 50ps. Young people are to be encouraged to stand back from the edge of the table.

3. In general volunteers are to be more proactive in preventing problems and dealing with any problem that arises eg no need for young people on the stage, no need for running about when people may be bumped into who have tea or coffee in their hand, no need for messing about on the floor etc.

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