New venue for young people

A new venue for young supporters is to appear at the rear of the South Stand close to the turnstiles. Large containers which had been there have been cleared, paving the way for the arrival of the mobile construction.

The new facility is being provided by Geoff Allen of Supreme Catering ( the burger stalls behind the South Stand ). What a tremendous gesture by Geoff and Linfield supporters are urged to support businesses such as Geoffs which clearly are supporting the Junior Blues and of course Linfield FC in general.

The new venue will be used to provide a meeting place and refreshments for young supporters and it will be a welcome and much sought after addition to the Windsor Park landscape.

Further details on this very exciting development will be provided as events unfold.

In the interim there is a need to select a name for the venue and a competition is being launched for the purpose of allowing ALL young supporters to nominate suitable names for the new venue. Can all suggestions please be sent to Andy Conn by the competition deadline of 31 December.

The winner will be the young supporter who in the opinion of the judges has selected the most appropriate name.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that your suggestion has been adopted as the official name for the new facility, the winning supporter will also win a pair of Umbro football boots generously provided by the Linfield Superstore.

Can all creative young supporters please get their "thinking caps" on and contact Andy Conn with their imaginitive suggestions with regard to the name of the new facility.

To date only five suggestions have been received ( three from the same person ) so can all young supporters please participate in this important process of selecting the right name for a venue to be used by all young supporters at Windsor Park.

A very generous offer of financial support for the new venue has been received from a Junior Blues parent and no doubt this proposed donation will be put to good effect in due course.

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