Local kids big day in Maiden City

The Junior Blues Linfield mascots for Linfield's Irish League game away to Institute were all new Junior Blues members from Londonderry.

The 3 mascots are as follows

10 year old George Forrest who names Peter Thompson as his favourite Linfield player

His 5 year old sister Carla Downey who also names Peter Thompson as her favourite Linfield player.

11 year old Tylor Moore who names Mark Picking as his favourite Linfield player.

All 3 mascots are pupils at Ebrington Primary School in Londonderry.

Thanks are extended to Londonderry Blue Star's Ian Doherty who looked after the young mascots on their big day leading out the Linfield side in their home city.

Ian also looked after the Blue Star Under 11 side which took on an Institute side at half time in the latest sporting encounter between supporters of the two sides.

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