Thanks for everything

At the end of the season it is appropriate to say a sincere word of thanks to the following

Tom Winstone for his help with the metings

Francis Beckett and others who help out with the mascots

Ken Garrett who provided the Player of the Year trophy

All the players, manager and Chairman who were guests at the metings

Colin McMaster for all the photos
The Association of LSCs who provided the footballs for all the mascots

Linfield FC who allowed the use of the Bass Lounge and publicised the Junior Blues through the programme

Radio Linfield who publicised so much Junior Blues material

Groundsman Gary Thompson who allowed the use of the pitch for so many events

All those who purchased calendars or Junior Blues merchandise ( coats, polos etc )

All those who contributed to the sponsored walk total of 2414

All in the media who supported the Junior Blues. Special mention to Sunday Life, Ulster Star and Shankill Mirror

Those at Crusaders, Glentoran, Portadown and Loughgall who cooperated with us at various stages of the season

The Daily Mirror who sponsored various initiatives in the Boxing Day game with Glentoran

Billy Blue for being there at every home game with the mascots
The Association of LSCs and John McCrea for the sweets at the Christmas party

Those members who kindly donated lovely gifts to Andy Conn at the end of the season

Probably many others who need to be thanked

Most of all a big thank you to all the children and their parents for their committment, loyalty and sheer enthusiasm throughout the season

Enjoy the break and see you at the start of the new season

Keep in touch over the summer. Let us know of any news or changes in phone numbers or email addresses.

Thank you everyone

Andy Conn

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