Loughgall arrangements

As a reward for those Junior Blues members who participated in or contributed towards the recent sponsored walk, there will be the opportunity to take part in games on the Windsor Park pitch before and at half time in the Loughgall game on 16 April.

Those taking part should meet at the Bass Lounge at 1.30pm for changing purposes.No boots to be worn indoors. There will be a separate room for females.

The games will be as follows

1 Girls Under P7 age

2 Boys of secondary school age

3 Boys of P6 and P7 age

4 Boys of P5 age and under

5 Girls of P7 age and above

6 The team that played the Junior Ports will hopefully be involved in a similar game against Loughgall supporters. This is to be confirmed and is returning hospitality shown to us earlier in the season

Games 1-4 will be pre match and games 5-6 will b at half time. 2 games will be taking place at any given time.

Those playing at half time can still join the Junior Blues on the pitch pre match. No need to change into kit. A presentation of the Player of the Year trophy to Peter Thompson will take place pre match.

Each game will be supervised by 2 Junior Blues parents. This will ensure that those members not playing but waiting their turn to play, stay off the pitch and do not dig up the pitch.

The Junior Blues can also form a guard of honour as the teams come out. Junior Blues will return to the Bass Lounge to be collected by parents there.

This will be quite a large operation requiring a great deal of cooperation. It is essential that Junior Blues confirm with Andy Conn if they are able and willing to participate in this event. Confirmation should be with Andy by April 9. Please also advise if you are not able to participate.

Please contact Andy by post, by email, by phone or in person.

Copies of this communication were handed out at half time in the recent Portadown game or have since been posted out to members.

Thanks to Groundsman Gary Thompson and David Chisholm for their assistance in this matter.

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