Sponsor day

Alfie Wylie is to lend a hand at the proposed Junior Blues sponsor day between 11am and 1pm on Saturday April 7.

Alfie will help out with football coaching and in the second hour there will be games.

To take part you need to get a sponsor form from Andy Conn. There will be a free lunch for all participants and there will be a bucket collection on the day at the turnstiles.

The following have taken a form and are deemed to be taking part.

Keilie Kirk, Mia Proctor, Ellie Bradley, Alex McDonald, the Kane sisters, Jordan Stewart, Matthew McClelland, Matthew Wilson, Gareth Linton, Chantel Pomeroy, Travis McClurg, Stephanie Moore, James and Chelsea Griffin, Andrew Martin, Ethan Patterson, Adam and Rebecca Smyth, Sacha Morrison, Andrew McCrea, Nathan Houston, Glenn Reid, Danika McLoughlin, Adam Kelso, Mark Winstone, Luke McClelland, William and Thomas McKee, David Stewart, Michael Crawford and Aimee McMinn.

It is very possible that others have taken forms and have not been noted down.

If you have a form and are taking part but are not on that list, please notify Andy Conn so that planning and organistation of the various groups can commence.

This date and time may not suit everyone and anyone wanting to make a donation to this annual appeal can do so at any time by contacting Andy Conn.

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