Letter from Brian Kelso

The following letter is reproduced with the kind permission of Brian Kelso, father of Adam who was recently hospitalised.

Dear Andy

As you know my son Adam Kelso recently spent 4 weeks in the RVH for Sick children. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Linfield FC for their interest in Adam during that period.Adam was touched by the get well messages from many people but especially those from Linfield. He received a visit from David Jeffrey and Brian McLoughlin who lifted Adam's spirits during an uncertain time for him. They were great with him and gave him a football and a Linfield calendar both signed by the Linfield players and staff. Adamn was so pleased by their warmth and generosity. He also received a get well card in the post, again signed by the players and staff.

Adam also had a visit in hospital from yourself (AC) and Sam McClurg on behalf of the Junior Blues of which Adam is a member. He received a get well card signed by Junior Blues members and a sack full of goodies too numerous to mention.There was also mention of Adam's hospitalisation on the Junior Blues website.

Adam was discharged from hospital on January 24 and at that time he required a wheel chair as he was still unable to walk . Now less than 2 weeks later Adam has made remarkable progress . He receives physiotherapy treatment 3 days a week at the RVH where the staff have worked wonders with him. He has returned to school and as he has been quite determined to walk again, today he walked into school unaided. Adam even managed to take part in the PE lesson.

Can you please on special thanks to David and Brian for giving up their time and visiting Adam in hospital. Many thanks also to yourself and Sam McClurg for taking the time to visit. I know Adam appreciated seeing and speaking to you all. Thank you to Linfield FC and the Junior Blues for the get well messages and gifts. We hope to be back at Windsor to watch the current Irish League champions and league leaders game against Ballymena on February 17.

Yours sincerely

Brian Kelso

This letter was read out at the Linfield Management Committee meeting on Monday February 12.

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