12 mascots for Rangers game

The 12 Junior Blues Linfield mascots for the forthcoming friendly game against Rangers are as follows

Curtis Martin, Age 7 , Fane St Primary.

Philip Rodgers, Age 11 , Wheatfield Primary.

Andrew McCrea, Age 9 , Forthriver Primary.

Katie Nelson, Age 7 , Victoria Primary, Carrickfergus.

Keilie Kirk, Age 9 , Howard Primary, Moygashel.

Lyle Graham, Age 11 , Howard Primary, Moygashel.

Luke Hamilton, Age 11 , Donaghey Primary, Cookstown.

Glenn Martin, Age 11 , Comber Primary.

Travis McClurg, Age 11, Orangefield Primary.

Daniel McCann, Age 11 , Harberton Scool.

Courtney McGibbon, Age 12 , Girls' Model Secondary.

Adam Smyth, Age 9 , Brookfield School.

Adam's 11 year old sister Rebecca ( also a Junior Blue ) is one of the Rangers mascots.

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